Projects require $150 deposit to start
Basic Websites $1000
Informative websites with content writing, photo editing, stock photography, linking to social media, contact forms and navigation in a responsive design.

Restaurant Websites $1750
Content heavy with menus, locations, maps, directions, gift card, reservation and takeout integration.  Plus all the features of a basic website.

Blogs $750
WordPress sites with custom graphics in a theme of your choice.  Complete setup, adding content, altering layout, changing colors, etc.

Portfolio Websites $500
Image based websites with little to no text. 

Shopify/Wix Page $500
Complete storefront with custom layout and graphics, adding content, setting up shipping labels, email responses, checkout, taxes, the works.  All that will be left for you is to print labels and ship products.  Once monthly maintenance $50.  Once a week maintenance $200 per month.  
Adding product $250 extra depending on item count.

Landing Pages $250
Single page fitting in one screen.

Redesign/Edits $50 per hour
Have an existing site you need freshened up?  Work on layout, colors, fonts, content.  Testing responsiveness, fixing broken links, editing photos, adding stock photography or custom graphics.

Weekly Maintenance $100 per month
Adding or editing content and information.  Make sure your visitors have all of the information they need to do business with you.
Weekly Blogs $250 per month
Writing blogs for your business, keeping your visitors in the loop with your subject of choice.

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